Invoicing Invoice Numbers

Paydirt supports different kinds of invoice numbering with the use of prefixes. You may choose a different numbering prefix for each client.

Invoice numbers are incremented automatically within the same numbering prefix, so you can maintain multiple numbered sets, a different set for each client, or use no prefix at all.

Using no prefix

This is the simplest option, and produces numbers like: 001 002 003

Each time you create an invoice, the next number in the sequence will be used.

Using a different prefix for each client

Some people like to maintain sequential invoice numbers for each of their clients. To do this, just create a new prefix for each client.

Each client will have their own set of invoice numbers that increment separately:
abc-001 abc-002 abc-003 , jfk-001 jfk-002 jfk-003 , xyz-001 xyz-002 xyz-003

Using multiple prefixes

You can maintain multiple sets of invoice numbers that are shared between clients. For example, if you use Paydirt to bill for web design and guitar lessons, but want to keep different numbers for each activity, you can use two prefixes: web & guitar

When you add a new client, just choose the appropriate prefix.

This will produce two sets of invoice numbers.
For web design clients: web-001 web-002 web-003
For guitar lesson clients: guitar-001 guitar-002 guitar-003

Additional Notes:

  • Changing a client's invoice number prefix will change all of their existing invoices, but will not change the numbers (changing from 'abc' to 'xyz' would turn invoice abc-009 into xyz-009).
  • If you would like your invoices to start at a higher number, just manually adjust the first invoice number. For example, if you change an invoice to number 130, the next invoice you create will automatically be numbered 131.