Browser Extensions Setup Keywords

Keywords are unique words related to each client - like their business name, website address, or email address. Be sure to add a few good keywords for each of your clients.

Paydirt scans the pages you visit for your clients' keywords. When a page appears to be related to one of your clients, it prompts you to start a timer for them.

You can manage the keywords for all your clients from your Keyword Settings.

Modify all your clients' keywords to track time automatically

You can also manage the keywords for a particular client under the Keywords tab when you're viewing a client's page.

View and modify a single freelance client's keywords

Paydirt will automatically add some keywords, like your clients' business names and email addresses, if they look unique.

The best keywords to use are:

  • Web addresses. You can use any part of a web address:
    localhost/bluth/ localhost:3000/gobias/
  • Business names.
    Bluth Company Gobias Industries
  • People's names.
    Michael Bluth Stan Sitwell John Smith Cornelius Ellington
  • Email addresses.