Track time in Trello with Paydirt

05 Feb 2014
Time Tracking in Trello

We use Trello every day. Everybody uses Trello. Trello is awesome. But lots of you want to be able to track time on Trello cards, and time tracking is one thing that Trello doens't offer. No problem! Today we've released our brand new Trello integration for Paydirt, and it's pretty sweet.

Here's how it works:

First, connect your Paydirt and Trello accounts:

Now you can import Trello Boards into Paydirt as Projects.
Head to your client's screen in Paydirt, and select Create from Trello Board .

Import your Trello Board into Paydirt to track time on cards

Choose the Basecamp Project to import.

Choose the Trello Board to import

When you create a project form a Trello Board you can import all of your cards as tasks right away, or have them created in Paydirt as you track time towards them using our Chrome Extension.

If you've installed our Chrome Extension you can now log time on your cards directly in Trello!

Time Tracking in Trello

Click Log Time to add a time log, or Start Timer to start a timer ticking for that to-do.

Logging time happens directly in Trello, so you can log your time without ever leaving the board.

Log your time without leaving the Trello Board

And cards update in real time with their total duration logged.

Trello card with time logged on it

We hope you enjoy tracking your time in Trello with Paydirt. If you need a hand getting set up just email us at and we'll help you out.

Track time in Basecamp with Paydirt

05 Feb 2014
Time Tracking in Basecamp

Over the last year we've received lots of requests for importing Basecamp to-dos into Paydirt for time tracking. Today we're releasing our integration with Basecamp, and we think you're going to love it! Yes, you can import your to-dos into Paydirt, and if you use Google Chrome, you can even log your time directly from your basecamp project page!

First, connect your Paydirt and Basecamp accounts:

Now you can import Basecamp Projects into Paydirt.
Head to your client's screen in Paydirt, and select Create from Basecamp Project .

Import your Basecamp Project into Paydirt to track time

Choose the Basecamp Project to import.

Select the Basecamp Project to import

When you import a Basecamp Project, you can import all of your to-dos right away, or have them created in Paydirt as you track time towards them using our Chrome Extension.

If you've installed our Chrome Extension you can now log time on your to-dos directly in Basecamp!

Basecamp to-dos with time tracking

Click Log Time to add a time log, or Start Timer to start a timer ticking for that to-do.

Logging time happens directly in Basecamp, so you can keep working on you project uninterrupted!

Log your time without leaving Basecamp

And to-dos update in real time with their total duration logged.

To-do with time logged on it

We hope this makes time tracking in Basecamp a breeze for you and your team. If you need a hand getting set up we'll be glad to help. Just email us at

New feature: Expense tracking

14 Nov 2013

We've just launched Expense tracking for Paydirt!

Here's how to get started.

Like tasks, expenses are logged under a project. If your work for a client is ongoing, just use the default "General" project.

Click the Add button to log a new expense.

Click 'add' to log a new expense

Enter a name, quantity and unit price for your expense. These values will be used when you create an invoice.

Add the name, quantity and price of the expense

The total price is calculated automatically. You can come back and edit the expense (you might want to increase the quantity, for example) later if you need to.

Expense totals are automatically calculated

When you're ready to bill for your expenses, click the link to "Draft an invoice" for the project.

Create an invoice for unbilled expenses

The invoice composition screen lists your outstanding expenses (as well as tasks with unbilled time). Select which expenses to include in the invoice, and the preview will update automatically.

Select which unbilled expenses to include on the invoice

When you're happy, click the big blue Draft this invoice button.

Your invoice will be created as a draft, so you can make any additions or modifications before sending it to your client.

Drafted invoice for expenses

As always, if you've got any questions or feedback, just shoot us an email ( or a tweet (@paydirtapp). We'd love to hear from you!

New feature: Recurring Invoices

13 Nov 2013

We've received heaps of requests for automatically recurring invoices in Paydirt, and we're happy to say that they're now available.

Many Paydirt users have recurring expenses for their clients (like website hosting), monthly retainer agreements, or are using Paydirt to handle subscriptions. Recurring invoices will make these kinds of repetitive billing tasks a breeze.

Creating a recurring invoice is pretty easy.

First, head to your recurring invoices in Paydirt ( and click the button to  Create a Recurring Invoice.

Say who the invoice is for, and define how often and when you want this invoice to be automatically generated. You can set invoices to run weekly, monthly, or annually; and can define how often (eg. every 3 months) and when (eg. on the 8th day of the month) too.

Then compose your invoice as usual. You don't have to enter an invoice number or any dates, because those will be generated automatically each time.

And you're done!

When the scheduled date rolls around your invoice will be drafted, and we'll send you (just you - not your client) and email to let you know. Then you can preview, modify and send it.

Tristan and Nick

Add billable time and expenses to an existing invoice

13 Nov 2013

A small update here: you can now add more billable time and expenses to an invoice after it has been created. Previously this was pretty trick to do (sorry about that), but now it's super simple.

Just edit the invoice, and you'll find a button to   Add logged Time & Expenses to this invoice .

Add additional stuff to an existing invoice with this button

And that's all there is to it. You'll be taken back to the screen where you can select which additional tasks and expenses you'd like to include in the invoice.

New feature: convert quotes into invoices

17 Oct 2013

We've just launched the ability to convert quotes into invoices!

This feature is super simple to use, and works exactly as you'd expect.

To convert a quote into an invoice, visit that quote's page, and click the button to "Create Invoice":

View your online quote to turn your quote into an invoice

An invoice will be automatically created from your quote, with the issued and due dates set automatically:

Online quote is being converted into an invoice

An online invoice has been automatically created from your quote

... and here's the final result!

As always, if you have any feedback or questions, shoot us an email at

All the best,
Nicholas and Tristan

Assign jobs to team members

20 May 2013

Today we launched the ability for Team accounts to assign jobs to team members.

To use task assignment you'll need multiple team members on your account. You can add team members here.

To assign a job, just click the Assigned to link on the job and select from your list of team members.

Assigning a job for time tracking.

Assignment can work in two ways:

  1. For permitted users, you can use assignment to filter your time tracker to show only the jobs you're assigned to, making it easier to fire it up and start the right timer. If you need to track time towards another job, you can do that too.
  2. For freelancers, contractors and employees, you can choose to only allow time to be tracked for their assigned jobs.

To only allow a team member to view and log time for their assigned jobs, head to your team settings and turn off their Log time without assignment permission. Their time tracker will only show jobs that they are assigned to, and they will only be able to add time logs for their assigned jobs.

Permission setting to allow team members to track time for jobs they are not assigned to

If a user does have permission to log time without assignment, their time tracker will feature a checkbox to Only show jobs assigned to me which toggles between viewing all jobs and their assigned jobs.

Time tracker showing only assigned jobs Time tracker showing only the user's assigned jobs

If your team uses the Paydirt Chrome Time Tracking Extension and aren't permitted to track time without assignment, they will only receive notifications for clients whose jobs they are assigned to.

If you have any questions about using Job Assignment for your team, just send us an email:

Send Quote and Invoice emails from your selected billing email address.

14 May 2013

When sending your Quotes and Invoices to your clients via email, who will the email appear to be from?

Until now, these emails were sent From the address with the Reply-to set to your selected billing email address.

That's not self-promotion. It's simply to minimise the risk of the email being marked as spam.

Depending on the SPF Records of your email's domain, sending an email that says it's From your email address can almost guarantee that it lands in your client's spam folder, and we definitely want to avoid that!

But we don't want to get between you and your client.
We'd like to be as transparent as possible, so we came up with a better solution:

Now, we actively check the SPF Records of your email address' domain, and send the email From your email address if we detect that it won't be a problem. And in 95% of cases, we can send from your email address. If not, your email will revert to the old method to avoid being marked as spam.

If you use Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo mail, we can send From your email address. To check whether we can send emails from your email address, head to your Invoicing Settings and click the link to the SPF Records of your email.

And as always, if you need any help just shoot us an email. :)

Emails are sent from your selected billing email address.

Free Invoice Template

17 Apr 2013

We love providing our customers with an awesome invoice creator in Paydirt. But what if you're a casual freelancer or contractor who just needs an invoice template to create a single invoice every once in a while? Now we've got your covered with our Free Invoice Template.

Free invoice creator. Use this free invoice template.

How to create an invoice

It's really easy to create an invoice:

  1. Fill in the invoice template with your details: business name, address, your clients details, and a description
  2. Add the line items you need with a price, description and quantity
  3. Add any taxes
  4. Set the invoice number, issue date and due date

Your invoice will be tallied up automatically. Too easy!

When you're done filling in the invoice template you can print it, or download it as a PDF in just a click.

If you'd like to start using Paydirt to save, send, or accept online payments for the invoice you've just created, that's a cinch too. Your invoice will be imported into your account and you'll be guided through the process.

Thanks to our awesome community from around the world, we've had this invoice template translated into 13 languages (and counting). English, Czech, Dansk, Deutsch, Español, Français, Íslenska, Italiano, Nederlands, Português Brasileiro, Romanian, Svenska, and Türkçe.

To change the language of your invoice, just choose from the drop-down menu.

That's all there is to it! Hope you love using our free invoice template.

New Teams Feature: Hide financial information from team members

12 Apr 2013

Many of our clients run agencies where they contract out some of the work to freelance developers and designers. It's usually not appropriate for those team members to be able to view the financial information of your business: how much you're billing clients, what your markup is, and so on.

So, we've added a new permission setting to allow you to restrict team members from viewing any of your business's sensitive financial information.

This prevents contractors and freelancers from viewing:

  • The prices you're charging for projects and jobs
  • The amount of money that's unbilled, outstanding, and overdue for your clients
  • The hourly rate that you're billing them out for
  • The online invoices that you've created for your clients

To set up permissions for your team, first go to your Team Settings page.

Edit the settings for team members you do not wish to have access to your financial details, and uncheck the View financial information option:

Changing permissions for a contractor of your agency to prevent them from viewing financial information

When the team member next logs in, they will only be able to log time for your clients. They can no longer view client details, see project and job prices, or even see their own billing rate.

Here are a few screenshots to illustrate some of the information that will be hidden:

A design agency staff member can view time tracking and online invoices

Before: Team member can view all pages

A contractor who can't view client details or invoices

After: Only Dashboard and Time pages are visible

A regular team member can view their hourly rate when time tracking

Before: Hourly rate is visible in time tracker

Hide contractor's hourly rate when tracking time

After: Hourly rate is hidden from contractors

View total value of tracked time

Before: Total values of logged time are visible

Time tracking financial information is hidden from contractors

After: Total values are hidden from contractors

This isn't an exhaustive list of changes - we've also made sure that hourly rates are hidden in the team member's settings, when they log time manually, and in all other pages around the app.

If you need any help getting started with advanced team permissions for your time tracking, don't hesitate to get in touch.