A time tracker that's got your back

Never forget to track your time again.
Paydirt is the time tracker that automatically determines which client you’re working for, and makes sure you track your time for them.


One click time tracking

In Paydirt, you can start a timer from any page in one click. No fiddly menus. No navigating around. Just a start button for each task.

Track time quickly and easily, from anywhere

Start tracking time 10 minutes ago

Catch up on lost time

Ever forget to start a timer? No sweat. Paydirt lets you start a timer 5, 10, 20, 30 or 60 minutes ago.

Stay on budget

Optional estimates for each task help you keep an eye on your time, and keep on budget.

Budget your time and make sure your projects don't go into overtime

Automatically track time towards your clients

Intelligent reminders

We're changing the way time tracking works. Paydirt's Chrome extension determines who you're working for automatically, and adds a link to start a timer right there on the page. You won't know yourself.

Track time anywhere

There's no code to install or integrations to set up -- it works in any web page or application, so you can track time wherever you work. You can track your time managing projects in Basecamp, for example.

Tracking time anywhere on the web, like Basecamp.

Start tracking your time with Paydirt.


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