Smart Time Tracking
Easier Invoicing
Online Payments

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Time tracking software Track your clients billable projects and hours Online invoicing software Hosted online invoices with online payments Accept credit card payments for your invocies with Stripe

Smart Time Tracking

Use the built in tracker to start a timer for any client in one click. Tracking time is a pain, but Paydirt takes the sting out.

Easier Invoicing

Create invoices from your logged time, edit them visually, and send them by email with customised message templates.

Visual Overview

Keep on top of your business with overviews of unbilled work, outstanding invoices, and graphical time reporting.

Accept Credit Cards

PayPal and Stripe integrations help you get your invoices paid faster and automatically track payments.

Your currency

Send invoices in 49 currencies and
17 languages. If we don't have your language yet, we'll add it!

Great for Teams

Run a small studio or agency? Easily see what each of your team members has been working on, and when.


“Paydirt makes me feel comfortable billing for my time.”



“As soon as I saw Paydirt I knew it was exactly what I was after.”



“Seriously, freelancers, get on Paydirt (it makes me not hate invoicing)”



“When you're in the business of time-based services, @paydirtapp's time-tracking is pivotal!”



“Now using @paydirtapp to stop time from tracking me and start tracking time. Tables have turned, time.”



“Started using @paydirtapp religiously today & am obsessed. Definitely feel more productive!”


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“Paydirt takes the hassle out of tracking hours
and billing clients, and it looks great doing it.”

“ ...the perfect time tracking and invoicing app to integrate with the new Basecamp, Asana, Flow, or any other to-do list or project management app you’re using. It’d also work the same, say, with WordPress, GitHub, Gmail, Google Docs, and other sites and web apps you’d be using in your work. I was truly impressed how much it just worked.”