Expense tracking Billing for an expense

Creating an invoice for expenses

Once you've logged some expenses for a client you'll want to send them an invoice. Billing for expenses in Paydirt is super easy.

  1. Click on the "Draft an invoice" link on the project that contains your expenses.

    Click the link to draft an invoice for a client to bill for their expenses
  2. Choose which expenses to include on the invoice by selecting them from the column on the right. You'll see a preview of how they'll appear in the invoice on the left.

    Select which expenses you want to include on the invoice.

    Note: If you also have billable time logged for this client you can include it too!

  3. Click the Draft this invoice button!

    Click the button to draft an invoice for your expenses
  4. You're done! The invoice will be created as a draft, ready to be sent to your client.

    A drafted invoice for expenses

Adding expenses to an existing invoice

If you have an existing invoice and need to add some of your logged expenses to it, you can!

  1. Head to the invoice you would like to add to, and click the Edit Invoice tab.

    The link to edit an invoice
  2. From there, click the link to Add logged Time & Expenses to this invoice

    Link to add expenses to an existing invoice