Browser Extensions Track Time Anywhere

Paydirt lets you track your time from any web page or web app, including Gmail, Basecamp, Asana, Jira, Trello, Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, Wordpress, and Google Apps.

Once you've installed the extension and set up some keywords, you're ready to track your time from anywhere.

When you're viewing a page that's related to a client, the extension will prompt you to start tracking time for the matching client.

Here's an example in Asana.

Since this page is about a client, the Bluth Company Paydirt adds a link to start a timer for them right on the page. (Yellow highlighting is illustrative only.)

Paydirt time tracker showing a prompt to start tracking your time

Click the icon to open a time tracker, ready for you to start a timer for the matching client!

The Paydirt time tracker is accessible from any page

Click the icon to dismiss the prompt. You won't be prompted again for that client for 15 minutes.

Click the x icon to dismiss a notification

Click the icon to display the keywords that were found.

Click the question mark to see why the time tracker notified you on this page
See the keywords agency's clients on the page

From there, click the icon to add, remove, and modify the keywords for the matching client.

Modify your keywords for your agency's clients

At any time, you can click the Paydirt icon next to the address bar to open a time tracker in the current page.

Open a Paydirt time tracker from Chrome

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