Time Tracking in Basecamp   Time tracking in Basecamp

Log time on To-Dos

The new Basecamp is great, but doesn't feature time tracking on to-dos like the old Basecamp. No problem! Paydirt brings time tracking back to Basecamp.

You can log time on to-dos as soon as you create them. No fiddly syncing necessary.

Track time on basecamp to-dos

Import Basecamp Projects

Connecting Paydirt and Basecamp is easy, and lets you import your projects and to-dos from your Basecamp account.

Importing a new project for time tracking can be done from within Basecamp.

Track Time within Basecamp

Yep - right from Basecamp, without ever leaving the page! You can add complete time logs, or start at timer ticking.

Totals are displayed on each to-do, and are updated in real time.

Graphical reporting

Get an overview of your team's logged time and when they're most productive with flexible, graphical reports.

Paydirt can convert the time you logged in basecamp into an invoice.

Start tracking time in Basecamp


“I swear I've probably used every single time tracking app out there and I am loving Paydirt more than all of them.”



“Started using @paydirtapp religiously today & am obsessed. Definitely feel more productive!”



“Now using @paydirtapp to stop time from tracking me and start tracking time. Tables have turned, time.”