Get paid faster by credit card

Have your invoices paid faster by accepting credit cards. Automatically track payments, and be notified when they come through. No merchant account required!

Accept credit cards

Add your PayPal or Stripe account and your clients can pay your invoices instantly with their credit card. No more exchanging bank account details or cashing cheques.

Accept credit card payments for invoices

Secure invoice payments by credit card

Look professional

Your clients can pay you directly from your hosted invoices. It looks professional, and it's fully secure.

Automatically track payments

When you get paid by PayPal or Stripe, we'll automatically add the payment to your invoice. You'll even receive an email to let you know a payment was received.

PayPal invoice payments are tracked automatically

Send a thankyou email after receiving a credit card payment

Keep your clients in the loop

Send a customizable thankyou email in response to payments you receive. Keep your clients up to date with what you've received, and what's still owing.

Start getting paid online with Paydirt.


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