Stay on top of your business

Track how many unbillable hours your business clocks up. Export your report data for external use. Paydirt gives you invaluable insights into how your business is doing, and where things can be improved.


Visual reports

Get an overview of where your time went and when you're most productive with flexible, graphical reports.

Keep track of how much unbillable time you've worked

Download time sheets for Excel

Export & print anything

Every report can be downloaded in CSV format, or printed in a click. It's your data, after all.

Make estimates

Keep on budget with optional estimates for each task. See when you're over budget immediately.

Budget your time for your clients

See how much you invoiced for in a month

Powerful filters

Display the time you worked and the invoices you sent for any time period, any client, and any project. Powerful, custom reports that update instantly.

Start getting insights with Paydirt.


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