Keep tabs on your team


Add your whole team, and keep track of their productivity. Manage permissions, and assign your staff to the tasks they're working on. Paydirt helps studios and agencies run rings around the competition.


Easy permissions

Determine which team members can manage account settings and invoices, and what information they have access to.

Manage your team members' permissions for creating invoices

Hide your financial information from contractors who are tracking time for your agency

Perfect for use with contractors

Keep your sensitive financial information (project prices, invoices, billing rates and more) hidden from contractors and freelancers, giving them a minimal interface where they can only track their time.

See what your team is doing

Get an overview of what every member of your team is working on, and how long it's taking.

Determine who in your agency isn't logging enough billable hours

Assign team members their own hourly rate for online time tracking

Bill staff out at their own rate

Assign each team member their own hourly rate for you to bill them out at. Invoicing for complex projects is now a snap.

Personalised time trackers

Assign tasks to the appropriate team members, and choose whether each team member can see all tasks, or only their own.

Assign tasks to your team members for time tracking.

Start tracking your team's time


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“Now using @paydirtapp to stop time from tracking me and start tracking time. Tables have turned, time.”