Time Tracker for Trello with Paydirt

We use Trello every day. Everybody uses Trello. Trello is awesome. But lots of you want to be able to track time on Trello cards, and time tracking is one thing that Trello doesn’t offer. No problem! Today we’ve released our brand new Trello integration for Paydirt, and it’s pretty sweet.

Here’s how it works:

First, connect your Paydirt and Trello accounts: https://paydirtapp.com/settings/account/integrations

Now you can import Trello Boards into Paydirt as Projects.

Head to your client’s screen in Paydirt, and select Create from Trello Board.

Choose the Basecamp Project to import.

When you create a project form a Trello Board you can import all of your cards as tasks right away, or have them created in Paydirt as you track time towards them using our Chrome Extension.

If you’ve installed our Chrome Extension you can now log time on your cards directly in Trello!

Click Log Time to add a time log, or Start Timer to start a timer ticking for that to-do.

Logging time happens directly in Trello, so you can log your time without ever leaving the board.

And cards update in real time with their total duration logged.

We hope you enjoy tracking your time in Trello with Paydirt. If you need a hand getting set up just email us at talk@paydirtapp.com and we’ll help you out.

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