Time Tracker for Jira With Paydirt

Jira is a popular bug-tracker used for software development projects. All that’s missing in Jira is time tracking. That’s where Paydirt comes in.

Our Chrome Extension makes it possible to track time in Jira. Here’s how easy it is to get started:

While you’re marking off issues in Jira, Paydirt will automatically determine who you’re working for, and remind you to track your time:

Just click the prompt, and your time tracker will load within Jira:

You can start, pause, and stop your time tracker right from within Jira:

It’s simple to start tracking time in Jira. All you need to do is install the Paydirt Chrome Extension. You’ll be automatically shown how to get started tracking your time.

Want to track time in Jira? Sign up for a free trial of Paydirt today.

Simple Invoicing & Time Tracking

Quit worrying about tracking time, invoices and estimates and complicated software. We got you.