Time Tracker for Asana With Paydirt

A number of our customers have reported that they’re using Asana to manage their design and development projects. Unfortunately, there’s no built-in way to track your time in Asana.

Until now! Our new Chrome Extension provides fully integrated time tracking in Asana.

As you switch between your Asana projects, Paydirt will determine which client you’re working for, and prompt you to track your time:

Clicking the prompt will open your time tracker within Asana, automatically filtered to the client you’re working for:

So now you can track time in Asana, without having to leave your project:

Getting started tracking your time in Asana is simple. Just install the Paydirt Chrome Extension, and you’ll be guided through the whole process.

What are you waiting for? Start tracking time in Asana today.

Simple Invoicing & Time Tracking

Quit worrying about tracking time, invoices and estimates and complicated software. We got you.