Send Quote and Invoice Emails From Any Billing Email Address

When sending your Quotes and Invoices to your clients via email, who will the email appear to be from?

Until now, these emails were sent From the address with the Reply-to set to your selected billing email address.

That’s not self-promotion. It’s simply to minimize the risk of the email being marked as spam.

Depending on the SPF Records of your email’s domain, sending an email that says it’s From your email address can almost guarantee that it lands in your client’s spam folder, and we definitely want to avoid that!

But we don’t want to get between you and your client.

We’d like to be as transparent as possible, so we came up with a better solution:

Now, we actively check the SPF Records of your email address’ domain, and send the email From your email address if we detect that it won’t be a problem. And in 95% of cases, we cansend from your email address. If not, your email will revert to the old method to avoid being marked as spam.

If you use Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo mail, we can send From your email address. To check whether we can send emails from your email address, head to your Business Details Settings and click the link to the SPF Records of your email.

And as always, if you need any help just shoot us an email. 🙂

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