Hide Financial Information From Team Members

Many of our clients run agencies where they contract out some of the work to freelance developers and designers. It’s usually not appropriate for those team members to be able to view the financial information of your business: how much you’re billing clients, what your markup is, and so on.

So, we’ve added a new permission setting to allow you to restrict team members from viewing any of your business’s sensitive financial information.

This prevents contractors and freelancers from viewing:

  • The prices you’re charging for projects and jobs
  • The amount of money that’s unbilled, outstanding, and overdue for your clients
  • The hourly rate that you’re billing them out for
  • The online invoices that you’ve created for your clients

To set up permissions for your team, first go to your Team Settings page.

Edit the settings for team members you do not wish to have access to your financial details, and uncheck the View financial information option:

This isn’t an exhaustive list of changes – we’ve also made sure that hourly rates are hidden in the team member’s settings, when they log time manually, and in all other pages around the app.

If you need any help getting started with advanced team permissions for your time tracking, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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