Recurring Invoices Now Available in Paydirt

We’ve received heaps of requests for automatically recurring invoices in Paydirt, and we’re happy to say that they’re now available.

Many Paydirt users have recurring expenses for their clients (like website hosting), monthly retainer agreements, or are using Paydirt to handle subscriptions. Recurring invoices will make these kinds of repetitive billing tasks a breeze.

Creating a recurring invoice is pretty easy.

First, head to your recurring invoices in Paydirt and click the button to Create a Recurring Invoice.

Say who the invoice is for, and define how often and when you want this invoice to be automatically generated. You can set invoices to run weekly, monthly, or annually; and can define how often (eg. every 3 months) and when (eg. on the 8th day of the month) too.

Then compose your invoice as usual. You don’t have to enter an invoice number or any dates, because those will be generated automatically each time.

And you’re done!

When the scheduled date rolls around your invoice will be drafted, and we’ll send you (just you – not your client) and email to let you know. Then you can preview, modify and send it.

Simple Invoicing & Time Tracking

Quit worrying about tracking time, invoices and estimates and complicated software. We got you.