Time Tracking in Trello   Time tracking in Trello

Log time on Trello Cards

Have you always wished Trello had time tracking? Now it does! Paydirt adds time tracking directly to all of your Trello cards.

Each card also displays the total amount of time logged for it.

Import Trello Boards

With Paydirt, it's easy to import your Trello boards and cards. There's no double handling: when you add a card to Trello, a task gets created for it in Paydirt. Simple.

Track Time within Trello

You can even start and stop timers right from your Trello board! You don't have to leave the page and lose your focus.

Flexible, Graphical Reports

All the time you log is automatically available within Paydirt's powerful reports. It's easy to see who's been working on what, and exactly how long it took.

Paydirt can even convert the time you logged in Trello into an invoice, or export the data for use in another tool.

Start tracking time in Trello

Seanomlor 3ea8afde70c18b236a7c52826cbc628570a07673fe6cfef66be9700824a3b14c

“I swear I've probably used every single time tracking app out there and I am loving Paydirt more than all of them.”


Shawndra a8847f95bc5b1501da2d509d751d43343cbc277a15d5e378c38ca59cf45f99b4

“Started using @paydirtapp religiously today & am obsessed. Definitely feel more productive!”


Mike 884b45bb0a2227c61afaebceef8df5f988448b9bb3ebf921e5eff0e73269867c

“Now using @paydirtapp to stop time from tracking me and start tracking time. Tables have turned, time.”