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We don't support Internet Explorer, and we're calling that a feature

IE is broken, and freelancers don't use it, so we don't support it.

Browser support is tricky business. It's terribly time consuming and can be extremely frustrating. I've spent literally hundreds of hours trying to get sites to render pixel-perfect across various versions of various browsers, and at the end of the day it's been almost entirely down to the faults of one: Internet Explorer.

That's why we made a key decision at Paydirt: we don't support IE - at all - and we don't pretend to. You can't even sign up for Paydirt using IE.
Update: We have since decided that it's better to warn users about browser support rather than block them outright, so that's now what we do.

That may sound like a limitation, but we're calling it a feature:

Not supporting IE saves time

We don't spend hours debugging obscure IE bugs, and we spend that time making real improvements for sensible browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera. The time we save on support for silly browser problems we spend helping users with real problems.

Living on the edge is great

Sensible browsers can do amazing things (canvas, SVG animations, CSS3, web-sockets, blazingly fast JS), and limiting usage to these lets Paydirt take full advantage of these new technologies.

A tiny minority of freelancers are using Internet Explorer
Only 1.63% of Paydirt Traffic is from IE

Our customers don't care

Originally, we feared that we'd receive a torrent of angry emails from avid IE users. In reality we've received exactly zero requests for IE support, angry or otherwise. Freelance designers, developers and copywriters tend to use sensible browsers, and we'd rather spend our time making them happy.

We're happier

We work harder when we're happier, and skipping the dirty work of IE makes us very happy. :D

Who knows – future versions of IE will probably be standards compliant, super fast and reasonably secure. If that happens we'll probably reconsider, but for now the bridge is burned.

So long IE! It's been... truly, truly awful.

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