Another new feature! You can now order your jobs however you like, and move them between projects by dragging and dropping them. Like everything in Paydirt, it's fast, and super simple.

Re-order your jobs by simply dragging them by their handle:

Reordering jobs in Paydirt's project management

Your jobs in the time tracker will update their order instantly. That's just how we roll:

Time tracking uses the job order you define

Before re-ordering your jobs.

Track time for your jobs in their new order

After re-ordering your jobs.

You can even drag your jobs between projects:

Simple project management by dragging and dropping jobs

This is handy if you decide to start using projects after you've already added a few jobs, or if a you're tracking time for a long-running job that becomes part of a new project.

Stay tuned for even more new features. We're currently working hard to make the time tracker even better, and adding the ability to pause and resume your timers.

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