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New Feature: Each team member can work at their own hourly rate

We've just added a new way for you to bill for your work: per user.

You can now assign each team member an hourly rate. The work that they log towards jobs that are billed on a per user basis will be billed at their hourly rate by default.

To get started, head over to your Team Settings page.

Each team member now has a default hourly rate:

Viewing the hourly rates for your design agency's team

When creating a job, specify that it's billed per user:

Adding a job that is billed at per user rates

Work that each user logs towards that job will default to their hourly rate:

Logging time towards a web design agency's job that's billed per user

Paydirt will automatically handle each user's hourly rate when creating an online invoice – so you can put your calculator away!

Of course, you can still create jobs that are billed at a fixed price, or at an hourly rate that doesn't vary based on who is doing the work. And you can override the hourly rate for individual log entries if you need to as well.

Coming up next - massive time tracking improvements, including the ability to pause and resume your timers.

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