We're glad to announce the release of shiny new Firefox and Chrome extensions for Paydirt:

Each of the extensions gives you a handy link to open a time tracker without having to go to paydirtapp.com or log in manually, so tracking your time is always quick and easy.

Click the icon to open a Time Tracker

But sometimes we forget, right? You receive an email or phone call and in a blink you've started working on something different; time tracking is the last thing on your mind, and it doesn't get logged.

That's why we've developed smart reminders. Paydirt keeps and eye on the sites you're visiting and the emails you're writing[1], can tell when it looks like you're working for one of your clients, and gives you a link to track that time too, in a timely, contextual, uninvasive reminder.

Automated time tracking

It contains a button to start working for each of you client's jobs. Zero thought - one click.

Start tracking time in a click

Here's the kicker, it works like a treat for tracking time spent reading and writing emails.

Start tracking time in a click

Tracking your time is a pain. This is just the first step in our mission to make it a breeze.

[1] : Don't worry, we respect your privacy: no browsing or email data ever leaves your computer.

Find time tracking hard to remember? Is invoicing a chore?

Paydirt is a time tracking and invoicing suite designed for freelancers and small teams that makes time tracking a breeze and invoicing a joy. Find out more.

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